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Thumbs-up for torture?

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Watch a Muslim imam giving thumbs-up when I talk about nonbelievers being tortured in hell. From my talk at Colorado Christian University, December 10, 2010:


The “thumbs-up” happens at 7:08

At 6:22, I start talking about coherence:

“Second, there is not even a coherent definition of a God. We heard a couple of definitions of a god today, but they are not coherent. In fact, they are mutually contradictory . . . all of these ‘omnis’ . . . omnipresent, omnibenevolent, all-merciful . . . infinitely merciful . . by the way [turning to the Muslim cleric], if Allah is infinitely merciful, then I can’t go to hell. Infinite mercy would have no judgment at all in it. Even if I reject him, even if I spit in his face, if he is infinitely merciful, he would not send me to your hell. By the way, you get to sit on couches under the fig leaves, and you get to laugh at those of us infidels whose skin is being burned off of our arms, but Allah grows the skin back again so that he can burn it off again, and again, and again. [The Muslim cleric smiles, nods, and gives a thumbs-up, twice! Audience laughs.] If such a being did exist, he does not deserve my admiration. He deserves my full denunciation. And I think I would prefer spending an eternity in your hell than pretending to worship such a monster that would create a place like hell. And that goes for the Christian god as well . . .”

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