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FFRF loves defending the Constitution

The statue of liberty surrounded by a tidal wave labeled theocracy

Valentine’s Day was this week, and FFRF again showed its undying love for the Constitution in myriad ways. Take a look at some of the things FFRF and the FFRF Action Fund have been up to this week in service of the Constitution and all Americans: Religion and math don’t add up FFRF’s legal team […]

A Thomas Paine win, Super Bowl ads, an awful rebuttal and our congressional sponsorship

thomas paine

We at the Freedom From Religion Foundation have had so much to reflect on recently: from our huge victory in Congress and awful Super Bowl ads to the Arkansas governor’s terrible recent rebuttal speech and the illogic of Christianity. FFRF Director of Governmental Affairs Mark Dann justifiably exulted about our recent win in Congress that […]

National Prayer Breakfast, the pope, Deion Sanders and blasphemy

national prayer breakfast

This has been a major week for us. From the National Prayer Breakfast and blasphemy laws to the pope and Deion Sanders, we’ve handled a lot. Our efforts to get members of Congress to boycott the annual theocratic National Prayer Breakfast has resulted in interesting developments. We took the lead in a recent coalition letter calling […]

National Prayer Breakfast, a troubling flag, abortion rights marches and India

Prayer Breakfast

It’s great to be back in the office and observe closely again the myriad activities that the Freedom From Religion Foundation engages in. (FFRF Co-President Dan Barker and I were actually on a two-week tour of India to learn about rationalism and the battle against Hindu nationalism in the country. More on that later.) For […]

John Irving, Okla. media coverage, an online marathon and Ten Commandments displays

Love Conquers Religion John Irving, Okla. media coverage, an online marathon and Ten Commandments displays

We at the Freedom From Religion Foundation handle an astonishing range of issues under the ambit of state/church separation, and this week provided a particularly good example. The Oklahoma City paper took major notice of a letter we sent out last week protesting Gov. Kevin Stitt’s assertion that he was claiming the state for Jesus. It’s […]

Veterans Day, John “Q” de Lancie, election victories and Iran

Separation of state and church

We at the Freedom From Religion Foundation focus on a variety of issues that the separation of state and church has an impact on, and this week proved especially busy in that way. We cheered abortion access ballot victories on Election Day, since organized opposition to abortion is religion propelled. Abortion access received solid backing […]