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Trump correct for once: ‘Christians’ “power is being taken away”’

Seidel Trump Perkins Trump correct for once: ‘Christians’ “power is being taken away”’

Donald Trump told the Family Research Council’s president Tony Perkins, “I see more and more … Christianity, Christians, their power is being taken away.” And that makes Trump “angry.” Perkins agreed wholeheartedly. And so do I. To be more precise, Christians’ unwarranted power is being taken away. And to be even more accurate, it’s Christian […]

Where’s the IRS or the Federal Election Commission when you need them?

Are you as troubled as I to see the evangelical “kingmakers” — Focus on the Family founder James Dobson; American Family Association President Donald Wildmon; Family Research Council President Tony Perkins; Southern Baptist blowhard Richard Land; Roman Catholic leader Deal Hudson; notorious “End Times” San Antonio televangelist John Hagee; Family Research Council’s Gary Bauer, etc. […]