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National Prayer Breakfast, a troubling flag, abortion rights marches and India

Prayer Breakfast

It’s great to be back in the office and observe closely again the myriad activities that the Freedom From Religion Foundation engages in. (FFRF Co-President Dan Barker and I were actually on a two-week tour of India to learn about rationalism and the battle against Hindu nationalism in the country. More on that later.) For […]

Paying homage to secular jurist who ruled ‘God’ unconstitutional

Alfred T Goodwin

I’ve often remarked that the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s most stalwart, radical members — those who are most indignant over the union of religion and government — are in their 70s, 80s and 90s. There is actually a good reason for that. You have to be older than roughly 72 or 73 to remember or […]

Nonbelievers are the future

James Haught W VA Nonbelievers are the future

I was delighted to be chosen for one of the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s full-page ads proclaiming “I’m secular . . . and I vote” in state capitals across America. Even though I’m in my 90s and fading, it made me feel that I still can fight for the noble cause of freethought. The ads […]

A really busy week

1DCN A really busy week

There are busy weeks here at the Freedom From Religion Foundation, and there are really busy weeks. This week fell squarely in the second category.