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Another busy period for us

fox guarding henhouse 600x352 1 Another busy period for us

It’s another week and another busy period for us here at the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Unlike the weeks before, this week the lion’s share of our time and energy was not spent focusing on the Trump administration. Instead, we were active in a number of different directions.

Walker anti-abortion proclamation shameful, untrue

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has declared Jan. 22 — the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade — as “Protect Life Day.” The opening line of his pandering proclamation is blatantly untrue. He states that the U.S. Supreme Court decision “legalized abortion for any reason for the full nine months of pregnancy in all of the […]

Theocratic public officials: The real infiltrators

A page one article by Laurie Goodstein in The New York Times yesterday about anti-Muslim author Brigitte Gabriel caught my eye because of the irony. The article described how Lebanon immigrant Brigitte Gabriel warns that “America has been infiltrated on all levels by radicals who wish to harm America. They have infiltrated us at the […]

Walk like an Egyptian

“Go sell crazy somewhere else. We don’t want any in Cairo. And, we don’t want any in Madison.” (The opinions of the author, a former legal intern for FFRF, do not reflect the opinions of FFRF and are hers and hers alone.) In loving memory of my baby brother, Jacob Michael Braasch (01/28/86 – 02/02/10) […]