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America’s strange Satanic Panic

Satanic Panic America’s strange Satanic Panic

Silly episodes of religion flare occasionally — and America’s Satanist hysteria of the 1980s and ’90s was especially ludicrous. Many fundamentalists thought the moon-and-stars logo on Procter & Gamble soap signified a secret pact with Lucifer. Some evangelicals thought the blue-faced “Smurfs” cartoon show was a ploy to lure children into Satanism. Ditto for the […]

Catholic hypocrisy, Satanists, and the body of Christ

AndrewSeidelPressKitPhotoUpdate Catholic hypocrisy, Satanists, and the body of Christ

[Update: The Satanists caved and returned the wafer. The judge, as is typical in property cases, ordered that the property in question not be destroyed — which made it pointless to hold the wafer. The “Black Mass” will move forward as scheduled.] The Roman Catholic Church and Archbishop Coakley recently filed a lawsuit against a group of […]