FAQs about a post-Roe U.S.

Abortion FAQs FAQs about a post-Roe U.S.

The U.S. Supreme Court is slated to determine the future of Roe v. Wade any day — and the future of abortion appears grim. How did we get here? What will be the consequences of banning abortion? And what can secular activists do? Here’s some background information and tips on how you can continue to […]

Abortion is an LGBTQ+ issue

AbortionRightsareLGBTQRights FAQs about a post-Roe U.S.

Pride Month is a time to honor the activism and influence of the LGBTQ+ community. It is also a time to acknowledge the work that still needs to be done in order to achieve true equality. Abortion access is one of those issues. To begin with, abortion is health care. This has been reaffirmed by […]

Disinformation dominates reproductive health care

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Information access is key to sexual and reproductive health. The World Health Organization (WHO) affirms that sexual and reproductive health is fundamental to the overall health and well-being of individuals, couples and families. In order to achieve this type of well-being, people need to have access to “comprehensive, good-quality information about sex and sexuality,” including […]

School shootings, Ukraine invasion, clergy abuse, and a special television treat

NothingFailsLikePrayer FAQs about a post-Roe U.S.

There’s so much that’s happened over the past week — and so much for us at the Freedom From Religion Foundation to grapple with. “Thoughts and prayers” are not enough for mass shootings and never have been, we said in response to the awful Texas school killings. “Prayer is a way of pretending that you’re […]

It’s Period Poverty Awareness Week

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Did you know that one in four people struggle to purchase period supplies due to lack of income? This notion of “period poverty” affects people’s ability to go to work and school and their daily functions. In recognition of  Period Poverty Awareness Week, I am sharing an article from the archives: “Menstruation is a secular […]

Two court victories in West Virginia highlight big week at FFRF

Parkersburg WV Lawsuit SS 2022 FAQs about a post-Roe U.S.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation just planted a couple of victory flags at the top of the Mountain State as part of a busy and productive week for the state/church watchdog. Lordy, lordy look who’s not gonna be praying anymore On Tuesday, it was announced that FFRF and two of its members have won a […]

Abortion is an atheist issue

NoLawsBasedOnReligion FAQs about a post-Roe U.S.

Occasionally, I see a comment on social media from people who say that abortion is not an atheist issue. They typically assert that since they are an atheist and against abortion that this topic is not a state/church issue — with not an evidence-based argument in sight. I disagree. The right to abortion is firmly […]

We need to #FreeThePill

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Today, May 9, marks the 62nd anniversary of the day when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first birth control pill in 1960. It is way past time to make “The Pill” more easily accessible. Even though birth control pills, sometimes referred to as “The Pill” or oral contraceptives, have become a fundamental […]

How to talk about the Supreme Court opinion leak

257806 FAQs about a post-Roe U.S.

I was lazily lounging on the couch with my husband and two dogs last night when the notification popped up on my phone: A majority draft opinion by the Supreme Court had been leaked. Frantically, I sat up and read the opinion overturning Roe v. Wade. Like so many of you, my heart stopped and […]