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Welcome to the fight: religion should not trump the law

Finally. Finally, this country is waking up to the problems with allowing personal religious belief to trump the law. It seemed like FFRF was the only major organization actively arguing that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act is unconstitutional. During the Hobby Lobby case FFRF had a few friends, SNAP, CHILD, etc. join us in arguing […]

The Devil’s in the details: Justice Scalia and what the Constitution actually says about favoring religion over nonreligion

The Supreme Court, or at least the five all-Catholic, all-male conservative majority on our Supreme Court, elevated religious belief above the law in the Hobby Lobby decision earlier this year. Last week, Justice Antonin Scalia, a member of that male Catholic majority, spoke at Colorado Christian University and stated what could only be inferred in the Hobby Lobby decision: […]

Christian privilege and the “desecration” of a Jesus statue

o jesus statue blurred 570 1 Christian privilege and the “desecration” of a Jesus statue

Christian privilege is an insidious cancer prevalent in this country. This time the victim is a 14-year-old prankster with an irreverent sense of humor. The unidentified teen posted pictures of himself and a Jesus statue in which it appears the Lord is fellating the teen. Sure, the photo is tasteless. But poor taste is not a crime […]