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A week of celebration

1RR5 e1464988733239 A week of celebration

This is a week of celebration for all of us believers in reason. Tomorrow is the big day. On Saturday, June 4, tens of thousands of secular-minded folks will be gathering in the nation’s capital for the Reason Rally. The Freedom From Religion Foundation is part of the coalition that is putting together this grand […]

We’re so excited

1RR1 We’re so excited

FFRF Director of Communications Amit Pal explains why the prevalent emotion at the Freedom From Religion Foundation is excitement.

What I Learned at the Reason Rally

FFRF knows how to put together a table The FFRF staff, and particularly Jackie Douglas and Katie Daniel, know how to set up a table that draws a crowd. The FFRF table was beautiful. We had tons of free rally signs, stickers, debaptismal certificates, bookmarks, Freethought Todays, and so much more. Our table was constantly […]