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Dog days of summer

1summer2016staff Dog days of summer

As we make our way through the dog days of summer, the Freedom From Religion Foundation is keeping the heat on those who attempt to get around the separation of church and state. This week, as we cranked the air-conditioning, we also cranked out several complaints to governmental bodies that crossed the state/church line. Another […]

Shame on legislators for unconstitutional prayer bill in South Carolina

South Carolina state representatives have been pushing a new prayer bill that would turn back the clock on constitutional rights. House Bill 3526 would add a new school prayer provision to state law, which already provides for a moment of silence to start each school day. The bill directs that, during the minute of mandatory […]

Nothing Fails Like Government Prayer

Ask and ye shall not receive Some conservative Christians like to point out that although there was no prayer during the Constitutional Convention of 1787, which resulted in the successful longest-lived constitutional democracy in history, there was indeed formal Christian prayer spoken 13 years earlier during the Continental Congress in 1774. Many believers point to […]

Obama’s 9/11 Remarks Honor One Nation, Divisible

Over the course of our history, hundreds of millions of prayers have been uttered for the United States. Numerous petitions—including a yearly National Day of Prayer proclamation issued by the President and hundreds of mirrored state pronouncements by governors wishing to appear pious, or at least pretend they are doing something useful “in these troubled […]