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Just a thought… Pat Robertson and the 700 Club are Jealous of Wiccans

Pat Robertson and his co-host on the 700 Club, Kristi Watts, are not afraid to say whatever “thought” pops into their heads — no matter how ridiculous they sound. Right Wing Watch posted a clip of a recent episode in which Robertson and Watts discuss the Forest Service’s reapproval of a permit to allow a […]

FFRF Asks Televangelist Pat Robertson For An Apology

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has sent a letter to televangelist Marion “Pat” Robertson asking for a public retraction and apology for his prejudicial remarks broadcast on his national television program, specifically his advice that no Christian should ever marry an atheist. Watch the broadcast where Rev. Robertson made these remarks here. See the Foundation’s […]

Islamic Center not a state/church violation

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is receiving a new variation on crank mail — religious-right folk filling out our online form facetiously to report the same so-called state/church violation: the “mosque being built at Ground Zero.” They demand to know why FFRF isn’t suing over this “violation.” It is telling that the group that is […]