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Nonbelievers are the future

James Haught W VA Nonbelievers are the future

I was delighted to be chosen for one of the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s full-page ads proclaiming “I’m secular . . . and I vote” in state capitals across America. Even though I’m in my 90s and fading, it made me feel that I still can fight for the noble cause of freethought. The ads […]

Will ‘Nones’ bring a more hopeful future?

Bible parental discretion Will ‘Nones’ bring a more hopeful future?

Some day, the coronavirus tragedy will be gone, wiped out by scientific vaccines. This part of the 21st century will instead be remembered chiefly as the era when supernatural religion died among intelligent Western people.In other words, the Secular Age is blossoming right now, amid many daily distractions. The evidence is everywhere. American adults who […]

The “nones” have it

Will political candidates ever catch up with the changing demographics and start to woo us — the “Nones” — the secular voters? This has been the question for more than a decade, since the number of nonreligious adults matched the hardcore Religious Right vote. The American Religious Identification Survey of 2001 identified the nonreligious, then […]