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Taking a breather — not!

1solsticeparty2016 Taking a breather — not!

You’d think that with the Winter Solstice season, we at the Freedom From Religion Foundation would be taking a bit of a breather. Quite the contrary, actually.

We’ve been working frantically

1display2016wicaptiol We’ve been working frantically

We’ve been gearing up for “December Madness” and for the challenges of a Trump presidency. And we’ve had a delightful number of victories on the state/church front (plus an interesting run-in with the Catholic League).

We had a fulfilling week

11Ingersoll We had a fulfilling week

Even if this week wasn’t as dramatic as the first week in May for the Freedom From Religion Foundation, we still achieved a lot. On May 5, we filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Congress, getting us major play in the media.