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An Open Letter to U.S. Air Force Chaplain Sonny Hernandez

To Captain Sonny Hernandez, Chaplain for the U.S. Air Force Reserves: Dear Captain Hernandez, This is a response to your recent misguided rant about the “duties” of Christian military chaplains to “avoid supporting or accommodating evil.” You make it clear that by “evil” you mean the American values of religious pluralism and the constitutional right […]

It’s time to “convert” military chaplaincies

FFRF2015 0070 low It’s time to “convert” military chaplaincies

Here is one concrete idea for supporting our active duty military without increasing the military budget: convert our military chaplaincies. Each branch of our military has a chaplaincy program, ostensibly in order to accommodate the spiritual needs of service members serving abroad and in remote areas. But the need for such accommodation is questionable.