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We’re flying high already

1A flag ffrf banner 1 We’re flying high already

A New Year cause for merry-making is a constitutional victory we obtained in North Carolina when we ensured an end to a public school’s unconstitutional advertising of weekly religious services at a local church.

A week of celebration

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This is a week of celebration for all of us believers in reason. Tomorrow is the big day. On Saturday, June 4, tens of thousands of secular-minded folks will be gathering in the nation’s capital for the Reason Rally. The Freedom From Religion Foundation is part of the coalition that is putting together this grand […]

Julia Sweeney TV spot gets responses around the country

The Freedom From Religion Foundation’s great experiment to storm the “Bishops’ Bastille” in our unprecedented TV ad campaign countering the Catholic Bishops’ war against contraception has been illuminating! The 30-second spot featuring personable Julia Sweeney is running approximately 1,200 times over a two-week period on a variety of national TV — but in regional markets. […]