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The godly problem of evil

Evil Web 1 The godly problem of evil

For thinking people, there’s only one possible answer to the age-old problem of evil: The all-loving Father proclaimed by many faiths cannot exist.

Does God exist?

Does God Exist Web Does God exist?

Well, it depends on what you mean by God. The universe is a maze of mysteries. How can gravity — an invisible, unexplainable force — pull the Milky Way into a spiral? How can atoms contain such awesome power that an amount of matter smaller than a dime produced the energy in the bomb that […]

Saying prayers don’t work is the truth, not “prayer shaming”

kingprayer4n 7 web Saying prayers don't work is the truth, not "prayer shaming"

By now you’ve all seen this sad, yet somehow refreshing headline: “GOD ISN’T FIXING THIS.” Refreshing is perhaps a controversial word to apply to this situation, but I’m only applying it to the headline. It’s nice to see the media state the obvious. Nothing fails like prayer. This headline is not “prayer shaming,” but a simple […]

What if they gave a political party and ‘god’ forgot to go?

One of the reasons the Religious Right has power so disproportionate to its numbers is because its targets — especially politicians — often cede it this destructive power. Case in point yesterday: One insignificant Christian Broadcasting Network blogger nearly brought the Democratic National Convention to its knees by a snarky analysis claiming “God” was deleted […]

Is a religious experience evidence for God?

God is imaginary. But imagination is real. So . . . the religious experience is a real experience. It happens to many believers in all religions. It happened to me. It can STILL happen to me. Even as an atheist, I can make my mind go back into the “religious experience” mode and relive all […]