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The uncertain future of abortion pill access

abortion pill

The battle to free the abortion pill persists. It has only been a few weeks since the Food and Drug Administration decided that abortion medication could be dispensed at pharmacies, including major retailers like CVS and Walgreens. The Justice Department also recently ruled that the U.S. Postal Service could mail abortion pills — even to […]

Thoughts on mortality: You gotta walk that lonesome valley


I’ll be 91 in February. It may be my last birthday, or one of a final few, because my actuarial table is relentlessly ticking away. I have no fear of death. It’s simply the natural end of every life. It awaits all 8 billion of us humans. Nobody can escape it. For now, I’ll just […]

Black robes, not white coats

Black robes, not white coats - Freethought now

I recall shaking my head in law school when one of my professors said that a benefit to becoming a lawyer is the opportunity to become an expert in the subject matter of the cases you argue. Maybe it was the first sign that I was entering a profession where the value and use of […]

How freethought was born

Freethought Born How freethought was born

The war between science and religion began in Ancient Greece. More than two millennia ago, the Greek peninsula was the first known place where a few intelligent thinkers sought natural explanations for phenomena instead of swallowing supernatural ones. At that time, magical faith abounded. Greeks sacrificed thousands of animals to a zoo of absurd gods […]