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Logic pulls rug from under Christianity


The philosophical quandary called “the problem of evil” proves that an all-loving father-god cannot exist. No all-merciful creator would design leukemia — or breast cancer — or global pandemics and tsunamis and earthquakes that kill legions. Thus, simple logic wipes out the compassionate deity of Christianity. Taking logic further, let’s apply it to the supernatural […]

IQ up, religion down?

religion decline

Religion is collapsing faster in America than in any other nation, according to a top researcher. Writing in Foreign Affairs magazine  —  in a piece titled “Giving Up on God: The Global Decline of Religion”  — University of Michigan Professor Ronald Inglehart stated: “The most dramatic shift away from religion has taken place among the American […]

Black robes, not white coats

Black robes, not white coats - Freethought now

I recall shaking my head in law school when one of my professors said that a benefit to becoming a lawyer is the opportunity to become an expert in the subject matter of the cases you argue. Maybe it was the first sign that I was entering a profession where the value and use of […]

Veterans Day, John “Q” de Lancie, election victories and Iran

Separation of state and church

We at the Freedom From Religion Foundation focus on a variety of issues that the separation of state and church has an impact on, and this week proved especially busy in that way. We cheered abortion access ballot victories on Election Day, since organized opposition to abortion is religion propelled. Abortion access received solid backing […]

Easter fools, April Fools and Jesus’ pundits

Easter fools April Fools and Jesuss pundits1 Easter fools, April Fools and Jesus’ pundits

The chance overlap of April 1, a static day, and Easter, a Christian holiday, is because of Easter’s pagan origins. Easter doesn’t fall on a particular day: If Jesus existed and was crucified, we have no idea when. Instead, Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox. If that sounds pretty damn pagan, it’s because it is.

An open letter to a would-be state attorney general

shutterstock 254582680 e1506627679189 An open letter to a would-be state attorney general

A person who wishes to be the attorney general of his or her state should understand the law — especially its most basic points, such as freedom of religion and separation between state and church. The individual should also respect the law. After all, she or he is looking to be the state’s chief law […]