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Let’s protect abortion clinics, providers, and patients

AdobeStock 487655092 Let’s protect abortion clinics, providers, and patients

During this time of relentless attacks on abortion throughout the United States, it is heartening to see governments elsewhere affirm the right to an abortion and stand up against anti-abortion harrassment. Last week, Spain did just that when it passed a law that anti-abortion demonstrators could face a year-long prison term if they try to […]

Reproductive health is a state/church issue

Final Barbara Blog Web Reproductive health is a state/church issue

Note: This is the farewell column from FFRF Anne Nicol Gaylor Reproductive Rights Intern Barbara Alvarez. FFRF wishes to thank her for all her wonderful work and writing on abortion rights. There are many ways in which religion proves detrimental to reproductive health. Instead of adhering to evidence-based science, extremists — relying on religious texts, […]

Abortion disinformation is religiously rooted

Crisis Pregnancy Centers - FAKE

Religiously motivated abortion disinformation fuels the anti-abortion movement. Medical communities and human rights organizations throughout the world agree that abortion is a valid medical procedure and its access is foundational to bodily autonomy. Indeed, religious groups are the only organized opposition to abortion. Using faith instead of facts, religiously motivated legislators and leaders have decimated […]