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Let’s make contraception freely available

89d958ea ec75 8f8d 9b24 300bea5f27ab Let’s make contraception freely available

While women’s reproductive health care goes into a religious tailspin in the United States, other countries are expanding access — examples we need to emulate. For instance, France’s health minister, Olivier Véran, has announced that all women under the age of 25 will be offered free contraception. This means that starting next year, young women […]

FFRF fights for education and women’s rights

Ken Wolter FFRF fights for education and women's rights

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak in the Wisconsin Capitol on a proposed bill that would make it illegal for the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health to train its obstetrics and gynecology residents in how to perform abortions.

‘Contraception kills’

contraception kills1 ‘Contraception kills’

Pennsylvania nun (Photo: Justin Vacula) Did you know “contraception kills”? That’s what an intrepid coterie of FFRF’ers was told by true believers when we counterpicketed a June 8 rally conducted by the Roman Catholic Church at the federal courthouse here in Madison, Wis. I held a sign, “Quit the Church,” accompanied by about 20 other […]