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Theologian admits religion does more harm than good

Religious Harm Web Theologian admits religion does more harm than good

Surprisingly, an important theologian and Catholic scholar has admitted that all religions do more harm than good. Writing in the Harvard Divinity Bulletin a couple of years ago, Northwestern University Professor Robert Orsi delivered a blistering indictment titled: “The Study of Religion on the Other Side of Disgust.” He startingly stated, “On balance, in the […]

Catholics, Lutherans hoisted on own petard?

The Roman Catholic hierarchy took full advantage of Friday’s grisly “holy day” and Easter Sunday to circle the wagons over its coverup of Catholic crimes against children. The Vatican continues to paint the Church as victim, not victimizer. Rev. Raniero Cantalamessa, in his Good Friday homily at St. Peters’ Basilica, had the gall to compare […]

Yes, Pope Must Go! And Catholics should quit corrupt church

FFRF published the very first book, Betrayal of Trust: Clergy Abuse of Children, calling attention in 1988 to institutional child abuse and its cover-up by churches. “From God comes the courage not to be intimidated by petty gossip.” — Pope Benedict XVI’s Palm Sunday sermon, March 28, 2010 “Scandalous and disgraceful attacks [against the pope […]