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Bittersweet Memories

Thanksgiving signals the season for nostalgia and solstice memories. As this piece notes, “Holidays do stir up memories.”

Taking a breather — not!

1solsticeparty2016 Taking a breather — not!

You’d think that with the Winter Solstice season, we at the Freedom From Religion Foundation would be taking a bit of a breather. Quite the contrary, actually.

War on Christmas: dispatch from the front lines

Gibson War on Christmas pic copy War on Christmas: dispatch from the front lines

Religion is an afterthought. The celebration thrives on the human, not the divine. As our friends at American Atheists put it, Americans keep the merry and dump the myth. And so we should. If there is any war on Christmas, it is this slow bleed of the sacred into the secular. And it is most welcome.