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We had a fulfilling week

11Ingersoll We had a fulfilling week

Even if this week wasn’t as dramatic as the first week in May for the Freedom From Religion Foundation, we still achieved a lot. On May 5, we filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Congress, getting us major play in the media.

Atheists come out of foxholes to fight Navy bibles

FFRF sent out a nation wide action alert on August 15 in response to the Navy appearing to renege on its decision to remove Christian bibles from Navy-run lodges following an FFRF complaint. The Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM) issued a quiet directive on June 19 in response to a complaint by FFRF, ordering removal […]

South Dakota Legislature Wants to Bring Children to Atheism

New King James Version 1982 South Dakota Legislature Wants to Bring Children to Atheism

The South Dakota Legislature is on a mission to convert as many schoolchildren to atheism as possible, and they want to use the public schools to do it. To further their atheistic goals, the legislature adopted a resolution “supporting and encouraging the academic study of the Bible in South Dakota public schools.” As a concurrent […]

An unconstitutional future

Florida Senate Bill 0098, a bill that will authorize prayers in schools, at graduations, and at school events, has made it out of committee. The Education, Judiciary, and Rules Committees all voted to approve the bill with some minor amendments; none of which cured its constitutional problems. Despite its obvious flaws, the Florida Senate has […]