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Atheists come out of foxholes to fight Navy bibles

FFRF sent out a nation wide action alert on August 15 in response to the Navy appearing to renege on its decision to remove Christian bibles from Navy-run lodges following an FFRF complaint. The Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM) issued a quiet directive on June 19 in response to a complaint by FFRF, ordering removal […]

Reflections of a foxhole atheist

It was late in 1944, and this inexperienced, callow, dazed and, above all, clueless 19-year-old crouched in one end of a shallow coffin-length foxhole; an older GI sat on a box at the opposite end, concentrating on reading his bible. My childhood Christian brainwashing was wearing off, and I felt resentment for having been abused/brainwashed […]

There ARE atheists in foxholes!

One of the Foundation’s most popular actions is to educate public figures that there are atheists in foxholes. Many FFRF members are veterans and currently serve in the military. Since the Foundation began in 1976, we have heard from many members that they were and are atheists (and agnostics and other skeptics) in foxholes. FFRF […]