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Logic pulls rug from under Christianity


The philosophical quandary called “the problem of evil” proves that an all-loving father-god cannot exist. No all-merciful creator would design leukemia — or breast cancer — or global pandemics and tsunamis and earthquakes that kill legions. Thus, simple logic wipes out the compassionate deity of Christianity. Taking logic further, let’s apply it to the supernatural […]

They Don’t Get It: The myriad problems with ‘He Gets Us’ Super Bowl ads

Super Bowl ad

While I’m not the biggest NFL fan, I always watch the playoffs. So it has been impossible to avoid the new “He Gets Us” ads for Jesus that have appeared during every playoff game. They include themes such as “Jesus was a refugee” and “Jesus confronted racism with love.” These ads are part of a […]

National Prayer Breakfast, the pope, Deion Sanders and blasphemy

national prayer breakfast

This has been a major week for us. From the National Prayer Breakfast and blasphemy laws to the pope and Deion Sanders, we’ve handled a lot. Our efforts to get members of Congress to boycott the annual theocratic National Prayer Breakfast has resulted in interesting developments. We took the lead in a recent coalition letter calling […]

IQ up, religion down?

religion decline

Religion is collapsing faster in America than in any other nation, according to a top researcher. Writing in Foreign Affairs magazine  —  in a piece titled “Giving Up on God: The Global Decline of Religion”  — University of Michigan Professor Ronald Inglehart stated: “The most dramatic shift away from religion has taken place among the American […]

National Prayer Breakfast, a troubling flag, abortion rights marches and India

Prayer Breakfast

It’s great to be back in the office and observe closely again the myriad activities that the Freedom From Religion Foundation engages in. (FFRF Co-President Dan Barker and I were actually on a two-week tour of India to learn about rationalism and the battle against Hindu nationalism in the country. More on that later.) For […]

How I once debated the late (not great) Cardinal George Pell 

Cardinal George Pell

Since losing faith in faith and becoming a spokesperson for the Freedom From Religion Foundation, I’ve participated in 138 public debates over religion. (I will do No. 139 in Florida in February.) I’ve debated Christian theologians and apologists, rabbis and Islamic scholars. I even did eight debates with Dinesh D’Souza (whom I no longer associate […]

Thoughts on mortality: You gotta walk that lonesome valley


I’ll be 91 in February. It may be my last birthday, or one of a final few, because my actuarial table is relentlessly ticking away. I have no fear of death. It’s simply the natural end of every life. It awaits all 8 billion of us humans. Nobody can escape it. For now, I’ll just […]

Our national secular voter campaign, white Christian nationalism and riveting blogs

Screen Shot 2022 09 16 at 1.31.36 PM Our national secular voter campaign, white Christian nationalism and riveting blogs

Talk about a massively important voter awareness initiative. We at the Freedom From Religion Foundation have crafted a national secular voter campaign to emphasize that 75 million nonreligious adult Americans (nearly one-third of that population) are dedicated to the separation of state and religion — and are voting that way. The drive is honoring, in […]

A brilliant Nobel-winning skeptic

Screen Shot 2022 08 17 at 3.00.02 PM A brilliant Nobel-winning skeptic

The coming weekend is the death anniversary of someone who is my all-time favorite teen in history. Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar was born in 1910 in Lahore (now Pakistan) where his father was an Indian railway official. His uncle was physicist C.V. Raman, who won a Nobel Prize. In that era, white dwarf stars had newly been […]