Closet Atheists Abound in America

Closet Atheists Web Closet Atheists Abound in America

Atheists are disliked in America — constantly denigrated in public surveys — which may explain why many doubters conceal their lack of belief.

Why I no longer debate Dinesh D’Souza

“Are you Dinesh’s daughter?” I asked. She was sitting next to Dinesh D’Souza across the table from me, and nobody was talking to her. I had met Dinesh’s family in San Diego the year before, and I thought maybe she was the daughter I vaguely remember having seen there.

Winning, challenging, debunking and warning: a typical week

Winning and challenging in the courts, debunking biblical and pseudo-constitutional arguments, and warning towns, states and universities to toe the constitutional line — it’s been a typical week for us at the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Easter fools, April Fools and Jesus’ pundits

Easter fools April Fools and Jesuss pundits1 Closet Atheists Abound in America

The chance overlap of April 1, a static day, and Easter, a Christian holiday, is because of Easter’s pagan origins. Easter doesn’t fall on a particular day: If Jesus existed and was crucified, we have no idea when. Instead, Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox. If that sounds pretty damn pagan, it’s because it is.

An Atheist visits the Museum of the Bible

IMG 20180202 143715 EDIT Closet Atheists Abound in America

I wanted to be impressed. I wanted to learn something. I wanted to be pleasantly surprised by a fair-minded presentation. With a few notable exceptions, however, the museum failed to meet even my low expectations.