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FFRF comes out strongly weekly

1daysofprayer FFRF comes out strongly weekly

Sadly, the summer days are running out (and becoming noticeably shorter), but we still put in a full week’s work at the Freedom From Religion Foundation, fighting for you and our Constitution.

We accomplish so much

1NewKensingtonNoCommand We accomplish so much

Let’s go over all that we accomplish during a single week here at the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

ACLU joins FFRF in ranks of groups opposed to Religious Freedom Restoration Act

The long overdue celebration over the decision that makes gay marriage just marriage overshadowed an important piece of news for the secular movement. On June 25, the ACLU announced that it would no longer support the Religious Freedom Restoration Act—the federal law Hobby Lobby used to successfully challenge the contraception provisions of the Affordable Care Act. FFRF […]

Spectacular victory – Colorado vouchers ruled unconstitutional

If they want to support their religion, they must do so with their money, not taxpayer money. Amid a host of neovoucher schemes proposed and instituted across the country comes a big win for the secular movement. The Colorado Supreme Court rejected the Douglas County School District’s school voucher program yesterday. The Court held that the program, which provides for the […]

Liberty Institute awards FFRF ‘blue ribbon’

FFRF Blue Ribbon Liberty Institute awards FFRF 'blue ribbon'

The Liberty Institute, an obscure group of theocrats based in Texas, released its annual “Survey of Hostility to Religion in America.” The survey, ironically titled “Undeniable,” is full of misinformation, twisted facts, and erroneous conclusions. My friend Rob Boston at Americans United has helped debunk several of the stories that the Institute has used previously. But I […]

An unconstitutional future

Florida Senate Bill 0098, a bill that will authorize prayers in schools, at graduations, and at school events, has made it out of committee. The Education, Judiciary, and Rules Committees all voted to approve the bill with some minor amendments; none of which cured its constitutional problems. Despite its obvious flaws, the Florida Senate has […]