Abortion is an atheist issue

NoLawsBasedOnReligion Abortion is an atheist issue

Occasionally, I see a comment on social media from people who say that abortion is not an atheist issue. They typically assert that since they are an atheist and against abortion that this topic is not a state/church issue — with not an evidence-based argument in sight. I disagree. The right to abortion is firmly […]

A somber reflection on abortion’s future after Texas ruling

Reproductive Choice is a Right Abortion is an atheist issue

I woke up yesterday morning feeling particularly heavy. Maybe you’re feeling it, too. After all, it’s been just a few days since the Texas Supreme Court ruled that a particularly cruel abortion ban, SB 8, could remain in effect. Not only does SB 8 prohibit abortions at just six weeks of gestation, it also allows […]

Let’s support abortion workers in honor of a noteworthy day today

CelebrateAbortionProviders Abortion is an atheist issue

Abortion clinic workers risk their lives on a regular basis. Today, National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers, we show our appreciation and support for the individuals who stand up for justice every day. With the current legislative and judicial war against abortion rights, this day is needed more than ever. Since 1996, March 10 […]

We need to talk about abortion

BarbaraAlarezUpdate Abortion is an atheist issue

Jan. 22 marks 49 years since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that access to safe, legal abortions is a constitutional right in the landmark case, Roe v. Wade. As the ultraconservative Supreme Court is slated to rule on the future of abortion rights this year, I fear that that this anniversary very well may be […]

Being childfree is not selfish

Catholic Church

It has been one week since Pope Francis labeled childfree people “selfish” and I am still not over it. If you were fortunate enough to miss it, I will fill you in: To an audience at the Vatican, Pope Francis explained that “We see that some people do not want to have a child … […]

Reproductive health is a state/church issue

Final Barbara Blog Web Abortion is an atheist issue

Note: This is the farewell column from FFRF Anne Nicol Gaylor Reproductive Rights Intern Barbara Alvarez. FFRF wishes to thank her for all her wonderful work and writing on abortion rights. There are many ways in which religion proves detrimental to reproductive health. Instead of adhering to evidence-based science, extremists — relying on religious texts, […]

Report shows anti-abortion restrictions rule Southern hospitals

BarbaraAlarezUpdate Abortion is an atheist issue

Abortion care in the United States is in crisis. A new Columbia Law School study reveals that hospitals across Southern states impose harsh restrictions on abortion care, leading to delays and denial of abortion care to patients with severe pregnancy complications. Notably, “The Southern Hospitals Report: Faith, Culture, and Abortion Bans in the U.S. and […]

All is not OK with abortion care in Oklahoma

c7260c58 bc4e 4149 9cdd 474b4c17852b Abortion is an atheist issue

Abortion care in Oklahoma is in crisis. Following the Supreme Court’s egregious refused to block the draconian Texas abortion ban —  the most extreme anti-abortion law in the country — thousands of women from Texas have had to flee to Oklahoma in hopes of obtaining abortion care. However, Oklahoma is facing its own anti-abortion legislative […]

The Texas abortion ban, the Supreme Court, the Catholic Church & Joel Osteen

Traditions Title Abortion is an atheist issue

We at Freedom From Religion Foundation pride ourselves on our rapid response to breaking events — and this week the emphasis was on rapid. We immediately cheered when news broke that Texas’ draconian six-week abortion ban has been temporarily halted by a federal judge. “Judge Robert Pitman commendably took the action that was the Supreme […]