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Religion is the greatest scam

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Religion is the world’s oldest, richest, most elaborate and, by far, the most successful scam ever perpetrated.

It is the work of very wealthy organizations dedicated to continuing their acquisition of tax-free assets, to support millions of dependent employees, and to maintain a show of impeccable respectability. For these purposes, theologians are forever trying to fine-tune their basically ridiculous doctrines to force them to seemingly make some kind of sense.

Just one example: The words “above” and “below” used to be the normal synonyms for heaven and hell. Everybody knew automatically that heaven was located in the sky, and hell was underground. But in modern times we now know the limits of the Earth’s atmosphere, and that there is nothing beyond it but empty space; we also know what lies below the Earth’s crust. So the theologians can no longer speak of a god or angels or deceased loved ones “looking down,”  and they can’t picture bad people writhing around in molten lava. So they are taking pains to deny and redefine these physical locations — and finding it difficult to do so.

Although no one can say anymore exactly where the ghosts go, religious shills still try to maintain the basic concept, to perpetuate the scam.

They know that this scam is best instilled in its victims from their early childhood, to present them with a make-believe parental authority figure that will override and outlive real parents. They seek to impose a system of daily and seasonal reminders and habitual connections to every important occasion in life: birth, maturity, marriage, death. They know that when such habits are fully instilled, the victims are hesitant to criticize them and will go to great lengths to continue believing that, after death, they will be able to see without eyes, hear without ears, feel without nerves, think without a brain — and that if they behave they will be able to subject this ongoing consciousness to a transcendent happiness.

The flip side, however, is the most sadistic threat ever conceived: eternal torture that can somehow be felt by those nonexistent nerves — a threat so severe as to terrify the gullible into compliance with all the money-making demands imposed on them. They are targets of the world’s most successful scam, which charges high prices for its promised nonproduct that never has to be delivered because it consists of nothing but hot air.

Making promises that you never have to fulfill, brainwashing the marks so they never rebel, earning huge sums on false pretenses that you never have to justify, and keeping this scam operational for many centuries in many nations: How could it be any more successful?

We are still being exposed to religion as part of our daily language and seasonal calendar. It is a shamelessly overt kind of scam that those of us who can perceive its falseness are still expected to tolerate. So we are being taught mythology in the guise of history, avarice masquerading as benevolence, and lies masquerading as truth.

The downside, of course, is that over the centuries religion has developed truly evil and destructive ways of maintaining itself against rivals, unbelievers or scientific facts. It has instituted wars, inquisitions, holocausts and hideous oppressions. It has denied observable truths and set itself against scientific knowledge of our world. Its only answer to the doubters is still “you must
have faith” because it is evil to ask questions. The real evil is that questions that can’t be reasonably answered must never be spoken or heard.

Secular leaders and politicians have always gone along, either because they are suitably brainwashed themselves, or because they dare not oppose that much money and influence. Historically, under the rule long laid down in Europe by the Roman Catholic organization, every Church member was supposed to contribute a mandatory 10 percent of personal earnings to the Church. Today, whatever U.S. Catholics decide to donate to the Church, it  never needs to pay any taxes to support the government-funded infrastructure on which it freely feeds.

Perhaps we can hope that in a more scientifically enlightened future the world will fully turn against this scam and give humanity a more rational and peaceful world without any threatening All-Father to terrify people or any absurdly questionable hopes to close their minds. But that is still far off. Let us do what we can in our own lifetimes to bring it a little bit closer.

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5 Responses

  1. Let’s start with getting rid of the tax exempt status for all religions and their properties and watch them squirm. We ‘all give all that money to the truly poor and needy.

  2. To allow religions their rightful place in the evolution of human thought, you have to acknowledge that the scientific method has to be cultivated. Throughout history, scientific thinkers were rare and far between, and often burned at the stake for “blasphemy” Religious thinking emerged naturalistically from egocentrism and projection. But the Romans realized that it was a useful tool to control the masses and channel a lot of energy toward political ends and male domination. If it were simply left to women to choose if and with whom they’d mate, the vast majority of men would simply be drones- useful for labor that benefits the hive, but not part of the reproduction process. Polytheism allowed a kind of gender equality but the emergence of monotheism, asserted male dominance and the subjugation of women, as well as establishing war as a “normal” method of conflict resolution. This resistance to a more evolved mentation, the transition from religious thinking to scientific thinking, is why we are mired in senseless wars while destroying our habitat.

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