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No better time to do your freethinking shopping

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Unabashed AtheistThere’s never been a better time to shop with the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

With a revamped website and a slew of new products—and with summer just around the corner—you need to check out FFRF’s much-improved shopping section. It’s mobile friendly, and so you have easy access through your smartphone. By the way, prices, incredibly, include postage.

There are lots of nifty offerings. FFRF Co-President Dan Barker’s most recent book “God: The Most Unpleasant Character in All Fiction” ($23, hardback) is for sale autographed. Barker is contributing his royalties from the book to FFRF.

In time for the elections, we have available “I’m Secular and I Vote” paraphernalia, such as T-Shirts and bumper stickers with new designs. You can get the red, white and blue T-Shirt in a range of sizes. At $2 each, the bumper sticker and buttons are eminently affordable.

If you have summer travel plans, don’t leave home without the Skull & Crossbones and Gideon Exposed! bible warning labels (available for a modest $3 for a dozen) to put on the bibles that are thrust upon you in the hotel rooms. We also have popular “Unabashed Atheist” bumper stickers ($2), lapel pins ($6) and T-Shirt ($25).

We all need caps to protect ourselves from the summer sun. We have several of them available ($15 each or $25 for two) emblazoned with snazzy freethinking imagery, such as “Out of the Closet Atheist,” an evolution frog and a Richard Dawkins-inspired “A.” There are a number of other handy items, such as a tote bag with the original, godless Pledge of Allegiance ($20 each) and an apron ($20) cheekily proclaiming, “In Chef We Trust.”

And then there is our extensive classic inventory.

You can enlighten yourself with the range of freethought literature available at the site. We feature several works of our co-founders Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor. In addition, we have a number of classics by luminaries ranging from Sam Harris and Bertrand Russell to Susan Jacoby and Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

You’ll have plenty to sing along with on Barker’s music CDs, ranging from irreverent to poignant and historic to contemporary. There are the enduring FFRF nontracts (our quirky name for our brochures to counter religious tracts) that we’ve issued over the years on belief and nonbelief (just $4 for a dozen or $16 for 100). You can festoon your cars with a variety of colorful and pithy bumper stickers, available for $2 each or 3 for $5. (“In Reason We Trust” proclaims one, and “Good WITHOUT God” reads another.)

Different packs of magnets, buttons and bookmarks are available. And then there are our T-shirts ($25 each) advertising freethought with many different slogans, as well as embroidered Polo shirts ($35 each).

Come check out our store. Once you visit, you won’t want to leave !

A free “I’m Secular and I Vote” decal will be included with all orders, while they last!

I'm Secular & I Vote

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