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It’s Period Poverty Awareness Week

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Did you know that one in four people struggle to purchase period supplies due to lack of income? This notion of “period poverty” affects people’s ability to go to work and school and their daily functions.

In recognition of  Period Poverty Awareness Week, I am sharing an article from the archives: “Menstruation is a secular issue.” In this piece, I explain how the stigma, shame and lack of resources related to menstrual periods is directly linked to religion: “Much of this can be attributed to religious texts that describe women who are menstruating as unclean and in need of purification.”

That’s why the Freedom From Religion Foundation has called for abolishing the tampon tax and providing free menstrual products in schools, workplaces, homeless shelters and prisons. And we have done Action Alerts in which we have urged our members to support equal access to menstrual products.

Sign up for Action Alerts so you can help us defend menstrual justice. And you can learn more about Period Poverty Awareness Week here.

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