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Hobby Lobby’s “In God We Trust” ad is still untrustworthy

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Every July 4, the pious folks at Hobby Lobby run a full-page ad in newspapers across the country with one message: In god they trust. Of course, they try to impose their god on all of us and feature the words, “In God We Trust” prominently on every ad. We’ve already pointed out the many inaccuracies and launched an interactive website showing those errors for the 2013 ad. But for some reason, Hobby Lobby continues to misconstrue these quotes. So let’s take a spin through its 2016 ad, and see how it has co-opted history for its proselytizing ends.

Hobby Lobby’s July 4, 2016 ad. As inaccurate as it is bland.

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The questions we’ll be trying to answer throughout this post are: Does Hobby Lobby fairly present these quotes, and do the true quotes prove what Hobby Lobby claims, that our nation is a Christian nation?

Our tour starts with a “Founding Father” you’ve probably never heard of, Jedidiah Morse.

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