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The ‘War on Christmas’ is back — or rather, people are saying it’s back

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The “War on Christmas” is fear-mongering drivel, as I’ve laid out repeatedly. It’s not even that scary as far as fear-mongering goes. The “war” talk dates to 2005 and was later discovered by Bill O’Reilly who, before he was ousted for sexual harassment to the tune of $32 million, ran with the fabricated war, sacrificing facts on the altar of ratings (it’s the Fox News way).

quiz xmas The ‘War on Christmas’ is back — or rather, people are saying it’s back


Bill O’Reilly called the Freedom From Religion Foundation, “the most aggressive” group fighting this war. And he would be right . . . if there were a war on Christmas. There’s not. There’s a war to uphold the Constitution, to enforce the First Amendment, to defend the wall of separation between state and church.

And even though O’Reilly declared victory a few years back — it’s easy to win a war that exists in your head, Bill — his friends continue to tilt at windmills.

Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke introduced President Trump at the White House’s ceremonial tree lighting earlier this week as “the man who brought Christmas back to America. “This is shocking to those of us who celebrated Christmas last year. And the year before that. And the year before that,” quipped Hemant Mehta.

Last night, Tucker Carlson took over the mantle of leading the counterattack on the “War on Christmas”:

Tucker Carlson: “We’re on the cusp of December and you know what’s coming, not just cold weather and shopping and carolling, but also new progressive attacks on Christmas. They mock the idea that there is a War on Christmas even as they wage it.”

Yes, Tucker, we mock the idea that fiction is reality.

So let me say again what I’ve been saying for years. There is no war on Christmas. But many Christians are waging a war on the Constitution. They are seeking to use a government belonging to We the People to promote their personal religious beliefs. They are abusing the power of their office because they’ve never been challenged. The war is not on Christmas, but on Christian privilege. And despite what Trump, Zinke and Tucker say, Christianity is losing.

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