Antidotes to pope-mania: Enjoy irreverent cartoon and “Stay-Away Pope Polka” courtesy of FFRF

By Annie Laurie Gaylor
Freedom From Religion Foundation

Cartoon by Mike Konopacki for the Freedom From Religion Foundation, 2015.

The pope isn’t even on this continent yet, but the pope-mania has begun.

The Freedom From Religion Religion Foundation would like to share as secular antidotes two artistic responses to Pope Francis’ upcoming visit and congressional address: an irreverent cartoon by Mike Konopacki, and the words and music to Dan Barker’s equally irreverent and unforgettable “Stay-Away Pope Polka.” Listen for free here.

Dan originally wrote this song in 1987 (using the world’s first “atheist backup chorus” at a studio in downtown Madison, Wis.). “The Stay-Away Pope Polka” was played on the radio in each of the many cities Pope John Paul II visited — at great taxpayer expense — that year, and was also played at many of the protests and demonstrations by secularists, gays, feminists and others around the country.

Although Dan conceived the song as a polka in honor of John Paul’s Polish roots, it’s  is equally fitting for Pope Francis (even including a Spanish chorus). Yes, the current pope offers more moderate window-dressing, but nothing has changed when it comes to the Church’s theological and doctrinal “sins.”


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