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A justified ungodly rant

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a red and black photo of jesus with a crown of thorns with the title in cursive "a justified ungodly rant"
Theologian Mary Daly once wrote, “Anger is essential for clearing away inauthentic structures.” The following diatribe is an expression of such anger, built up through years of doubt, investigation and revelation.

A religion based on Old Testament legend presents a god so brutal as to demand utter destruction of countless cities, with slaughter of every man, woman, child and animal (except for virgin girls, who are to be raped); a god who condones slavery; a god who orders parents, such as Abraham and Jephthah, to kill their children; a god who commands you to murder your family members if they don’t adore him (Deuteronomy 13); a god who once destroyed the entire world because a few humans displeased him — yet whose colossal ego demands incessant praise. The New Testament presents a god whose vindictive anger could be appeased only by human sacrifice, the killing of his allegedly beloved son. And so, several centuries afterward, a man dying on an instrument of torture was established as the world’s most holy symbol.

Religion based on biblical legend created a hell that is sadistic beyond belief, yet is still believed. This religion has a consistently violent history of wars, crusades, pogroms, inquisitions, witch hunts, genocides and holocausts — all supported by its supernatural father figure. It instituted two millennia of severe oppression of women, with their political and economic enslavement. It has bitterly opposed almost every significant scientific or medical advancement of the past 400 years. Even after the admission that it is untrue, religious mythology still misleads, and still demands unquestioning approval of god’s crimes against humanity.

Certainly, religious people have done good things, but the ratio of good to bad is not encouraging. The best precept, the Golden Rule, was not even Christian but plagiarized from Buddhism, whereas Christians have been history’s leading doers of harm unto others.

So, the word “god” invokes centuries of inexcusable lies, hatreds and prejudices, and is inappropriate in an enlightened humanistic society.

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6 Responses

  1. It should be illegal to indoctrinate children to mythology. We are in this situation from generations of indoctrination. Children need to be taught reality, and not sheltered from the truth.

  2. Barbara Walker’s “A Justified Ungodly Rant” was so SPOT ON! In the year 2024 man’s knowledge should have led us to an age where we need not worry about disease (we don’t even have a cure for the common cold) or inequality, total justice, etc. Yes, we have made huge strides in technology but at the cost of social development due in part from religious dogma that has been so ingrained in our
    minds that it is a “drug” so addictive most people cannot break free! Too many people cannot use free thought to understand that so
    many Biblical quote’s ( God created the universe in 6 days, Jesus raised a man after 3 days of death, man is created in God’s image when God is a “spirit”??? etc. ) are so ridiculous! Religious leaders from the beginning understood that if one uses words like ‘belief”,
    they can never be wrong. “If one believes the earth is flat”, they can’t be wrong. With that in mind If we believe the earth is round, we too must be right. Religious leaders ( all of them ) use this “paradox” when needed. It’s all they have AND IT WORKS! Keep up the good work Barbara ( and others ) changing “simple mindedness” / “fear” will be the hardest job we have in front of us.

  3. Excellent, highly informed points.
    Contrast this recitation of truth with Richard Dawkins’ exaltation of “cultural Christianity” as somehow wholesome and benign. In his defense, he did suffer a terrible stroke a few years ago.

  4. Unfortunately, your rant is fully supported by factual evidence. Unfortunately, billions of people have blind faith in the god delusion – which no person exercising a modicum of reason would believe. And, these delusional beliefs frequently translate into behavior that is destroying our planet’s biosphere. This is not going to end well for humans or many other species.

    I very much admire your thinking and writing. Please keep speaking.

  5. This perfectly encapsulates my exact thoughts and feelings on god and I can’t thank you enough for putting into words what I could never. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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