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FFRF salutes Hispanic Heritage Month

jessicaalba FFRF salutes Hispanic Heritage Month

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, below are highlights of the many distinguished Hispanic individuals, past and present, who have made known their dissent from religion. For more information, see FFRF’s Freethought of the Day series. Fred Armisen Fred Armisen’s mother was born in Venezuela and his father was born in Germany to a German […]

Weekly Wrap: Gov. Youngkin, PragerU, Wis. Justice Protasiewicz and J. Edgar Hoover

Lerone A. Martin

It feels great at the Freedom From Religion Foundation to be constantly striving to defend the Constitution — and even better when this work receives notice. An amicus brief we filed against a Catholic group’s attempt to evade the unemployment tax was spotlighted by a prominent legal news agency when a Wisconsin Supreme Court justice […]