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The threat to disability rights in post-Roe America

Screen Shot 2022 09 21 at 2.50.37 PM The threat to disability rights in post-Roe America

By Sammi Lawrence Legal Fellow Freedom From Religion Foundation Disability rights are a state/church issue. While America’s conscience has not consistently recognized this, there are clear ties between the Christian nationalist ideology that pervades legislation and the ongoing reality of stagnant and inadequate disability rights laws. The dangerous theocratic Christian ideology that led to Roe […]

Nonbelievers are the future

James Haught W VA Nonbelievers are the future

I was delighted to be chosen for one of the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s full-page ads proclaiming “I’m secular . . . and I vote” in state capitals across America. Even though I’m in my 90s and fading, it made me feel that I still can fight for the noble cause of freethought. The ads […]